Pioneering AI-driven LinkedIn extension, Outboundly, is now a proud member of the exclusive 1871 AI Innovation Lab Cohort, aiming to revolutionize the way we connect on professional networks.

Outboundly, an innovative AI-driven platform that extends LinkedIn’s functionality, has just been announced as a member of the 1871 AI Innovation Lab Cohort of 2023. This prestigious program, led by non-profit global innovation hub 1871, aims to accelerate growth and foster meaningful connections for startups, growth scalers, and corporate innovators in the AI and machine learning (ML) space.

The AI Innovation Lab, which is facilitated by Gabby Snedeker, 1871’s Senior Director of Innovation Labs, brings together 39 startups from various industries. The goal is to tackle challenges and push the boundaries of AI and ML technologies in different sectors. Supported by anchor partner Discover and execution partner Why of AI, along with several other partners, the program connects cohort members with VCs, AI experts, and talent.

Outboundly’s groundbreaking technology analyzes LinkedIn profiles and generates personalized cold outreach messages with just one click. Users can also leverage Outboundly to analyze website text and generate cold emails. As part of the Lab, Outboundly aims to take its AI-driven technology to the next level, contributing to the future of professional networking and streamlining the process of making new connections.

Throughout April, May, and June of 2023, the cohort members will participate in a 4-week hybrid program, which alternates between virtual and in-person experiences. The program will culminate in the AI Innovation Summit on June 29, 2023 – a full-day event highlighting the startups in the cohort and showcasing AI and ML tech innovation.

Outboundly’s inclusion in the Lab Cohort of 2023 is a testament to the platform’s exceptional innovation and potential in revolutionizing the way professionals connect and network. As a member of this exclusive cohort, Outboundly will have the opportunity to collaborate with other industry leaders and access invaluable resources to further develop its AI-driven technology.

Stay tuned for updates on Outboundly’s journey through the 1871 AI Innovation Lab Cohort, and don’t miss the AI Innovation Summit on June 29, 2023, where the startup will showcase its groundbreaking technology