AI Powered Cold Emails & LinkedIn Messages In One Click

Instantly generate highly personalized emails based on your prospect’s website, blog posts, social media profiles and more! Get 6X higher response rates.

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A.I. Powered Email Writer

Outboundly makes it easy to personalize your messages. Simply enter in a few pieces of information about what you're selling and your call to action then Outboundly will use that information to create a personalized message for each prospect.


Sign up

First sign up then install the Chrome extension from the web store.


Go to a LinkedIn profile or any website and open the message window or connection request.


Lastly, you can quickly generate and send personalized messages to your LinkedIn prospects!

LinkedIn Messaging and Beyond

LinkedIn prospecting has never been easier. Outboundly software transforms the process of creating personalized prospect emails into a quick and effortless task. But it doesn't stop there - You can generate highly personalized emails based on your prospect's Website, Blog posts, Facebook profile, Tweets and more!

Your AI Assistant

Get More Responses

Outboundly users have reported an increased response rate from potential customers by up to 6X.

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